How to make Christmas lights extension cord

We are reputable professional Christmas light installer. Among the valued products we stock, slide on plugs are one of the most precious pieces of hardware we are proud of. Slide on plugs are also called as vampire plugs or zip plugs. We always carry whole heaps of these valuable little plugs in our toolboxes. We have been relying on these handy slide on plugs a great deal, so we just cannot imagine how we ever survived without them.

In recent years, professional installers are not the only ones who are using these male and female slide on plugs, as quite a few Christmas devotees have discovered these little precious things and have been making a good use of them.

You can make your own extension cords by using slide on plugs. The cord is commonly called as zip cord and comes in two variations, 250’ and 1000’spools. You can just measure how much cord you require and cut it, then add the male plug to one side and the female plug to the other. Being able to make cords by your own is a huge bonus, and there is something more. If you add so called an inline female, then you are able to obtain multiple female outlets all through the cord, not only at the end. If you have multiple inline females, it is very useful for a various lighting applications like hedge lighting and canopy and also lots of perimeter lighting applications.

Let’s have a look at step by step instructions on how to install a slide on plug. It is very simple and easy to Christmas lights extension cords.

1. Clip the zip cord. Be careful not to strip off the insulation from the wire.

2. Take off back slider from the plug.

3. Hold the zip and insert it into the plug. When you do this check out and make sure that the tip of the zip goes all through to the end of channel. The ribbed side of the zip cord has to be on the right side to make the right polarity arrangement. The ribbed side zip matches to the bigger plug blade. Then bend the zip code to touch the two pointy parts.

4. Slip the cover back onto the plug.

By doing this your home won’t look like this

Christmas light cords

And thats how you make a christmas lights extension cord.

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